Why Chennai

Chennai the "Gateway to South India" is a place that evolves continuously; even a seasonal bird visiting Chennai would not figure out the same Chennai on its next visit. Chennai is known for its robust traditional, commercial, cultural and religious heritages. Sightseeing tour around Chennai, will completely sweep you off your feet. Besides, the diversity of traditional persistence and modern evolution is what you will be amazed at its existence. It would not be an overstatement to designate it as the liveliest city in the entire South India.

This city is the legendary land for Bharatnatyam, the famous and one of the oldest classical dance forms in the world, which originated in Tamil Nadu. South Indian classical music known as "Carnatic Music" along with the traditional Bharatnatyam, confers mystical divinity to the land of Chennai.

The Dance and Music festival celebrated is a "must indulge" cultural event of Tamil Nadu. The festival celebrated in the "Margazhi" month of Tamil calendar coincides with the time duration of mid December to mid January, when the weather makes a heavenly pleasant Chennai. The festivity of the Carnatic Music and classical dance is idolized at various places in the capital city Chennai and attracts a host of performing art enthusiasts.

Chennai has also been consistent in growing with the global changes. It is also known as the Detroit of India because of its industrious automobile industry.

In the past decades, the face of Chennai has seen a stunning silicon makeover, becoming a leading exporter of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services in India.

Name any top IT MNC, and locate it in the long IT corridor at OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), where your GPS would show no deviations to reach IT destinations. The Tidel Park situated at OMR, is the largest IT Park in Asia; it also houses the head offices of leading software companies.

East Coast Road (ECR), the neighbor to OMR is at stark contrast to the busy IT corridor. ECR is a long stretch of beach view drive that is abundantly scenic, and is an exquisitely lavish leisure land.

Mahabalipuram is a historical site and a most visited tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. This tourist destination has been listed amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its historical importance, ancient sculptures and temples that depict its historical past and traditional bequest.

The major attraction of Mahabalipuram is the Shore temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, sited on the Bay of Bengal with the gateway from the Western side away from the sea. It is one of the world heritage sites and also one of the ancient rock cut temples in the country.

In short, Chennai is a balanced land of tradition, toil and leisure.